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Smallest species of catfish (banjo catfish) is only 0.39 inches long. Largest species (Mekong catfish) can reach nearly 9 feet in length and 646 pounds of weight.

Entire body of catfish is covered with taste buds that can detect chemicals in the water and respond to touch

Asian walking catfish is a species of catfish that can move on the ground using its front fins and tail. This fish "walks" short distances when it needs to pass from one pool of water to another

Catfish are one of a few fish that have an organ called the Weberian apparatus that they use to communicate with each other underwater. 

Mating season occurs once a year from May to July when the water reaches around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Before this season, the male finds a nesting site near shore and uses his fins to make a nest on the ground. He also finds a female catfish. When spawning season arrives, the female will lay up to 50,000 eggs in which the male will then fertilize. This process takes a total of 4-6 hours. After the eggs are fertilized, the male guards them from the female because she will eat them if she is let near. 

A catfish’s average lifespan is about 15-20 years.

There are more than 3,000 species of catfish. They can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

There are nearly 2,900 species of catfish in existence today.

Most catfish are bottom feeders. In general, they are negatively buoyant, which means that they will usually sink rather than float due to a reduced gas bladder and a heavy, bony head.

In the Southern United States, catfish species may be known by a variety of slang names, such as “mud cat”, “polliwogs”, or “chuckleheads”.
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