In the mid-2000s, Nev Schulman falls in love with a stranger on the internet.


After an 8-year-old art prodigy sends him a painting of one of his photos, they strike up a friendship on on Facebook, Nev becomes entangled with her entire family, eventually falling in love with her older half-sister, Megan.

They message all the time. Megan sends Nev songs she covers for him. 

Nev ends up finding those recordings on Youtube performed by other people.  He becomes suspicious that Megan is lying to him, and is more and more dubious of her younger sister's art career. 


So he drives up to Michigan to meet her. 

Megan turns out to be Angela, a middle aged woman living in rural Michigan with her husband Vince, and his two disabled children, whom she cares for. Angela also turns out to be the one who painted all of the 8 year old "prodigy"'s works.