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1 firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY
2 an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS
3 the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS

The image of the book on the front of this shirt came from a painting that is likely old, maybe Byzantine, but I couldn’t find the uncropped version. Let’s start first with “It’s Later Than You Think.”

Is it later than you think in the day? In your life? In history’s timeline? None of these, I think. Rather, this is a thought to spur you back into the present moment. It's never too late, and always later than you think - I chide myself most strongly when I put off for later something I could start now. Two selves in me, warring - the self that procrastinates and the self that chides. Perhaps they could be merged in the thinking of this thought. It's never too late, and it’s always later than you think.

Next, let’s consider “Hasten Therefore To Do The Work Of God.” According to A Course in Miracles, if you overcome your ego, it becomes clear that your will and the will of God are the same - your impulse and God’s impulse are the same - the ‘work of God’ you are to hasten to do is the work that you would hasten towards of your own volition. It is this matching of wills, and weakening of the ego, that makes for a calling.

On the back is the Naked Man Orchid, which gets this nickname from its dense petals which resemble naked men. They cluster together like ephemeral agents of nature conspiring - nature drawing like a school-age boy.

Are they images of men? Representations of men? How does nature draw? Why?

They look out, unimpeachable.

8 Virtues: Integrity

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