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Flung Baby


In this series of images, you meet Flung Baby, an avatar of myself as child, as girl, as without control, exploring the virtual, physical, and emotional world. No matter where she is, the worlds she encounters are non-linear, fragmented, and layered atop one another- just as our experiences are. I imagine Flung Baby thrown endlessly from situation to situation; but she is also strong, flexible, and adventurous. I use Flung Baby as a way to explore my transness and the ways I feel multiple, virtual and chaotic. I am interested in pulling the internet offline and into my hands, either as drawings or textiles. I hope to make physical, whimsical, soft representations of the virtual landscapes I trek. Watch as Flung Baby appears in multiple, discovering herself via google search, clickbait, and file folders. Join her as she interrogates questions such as: What do we expect the internet to be able to tell us about the world and ourselves? How do we decide to trust online? How do we respond when these tools fail us, surprise us, teach us? 

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