Bad Art

(2019/KL&A Structural Engineering)

Aesthetic questions around what makes a work of art "good" or "bad" has been asked countless times as each generation innovates and redefines what art looks like. The work displayed at Bad Art from Kyle Schurter's collection is unquestionably bad, and we need not investigate the philosophy of asthetics to understand why: proportions are worng, perspectives are skewed, and the contents are simply bizarre. 

However, what we learn from Schurter's collecting is that taste still has a place when looking at bad art. His eye is discerning when deciding what art is bad enough in the right way to be collected. Each work must be original, done in earnest, and he prefers figurative work that is somehow distorted. The woman with the too-long neck; the horse with the crooked foot. Just as any fine art collector does, Schurter has standards that make it clear that the rules of curation can be applied to anything, from coffee cups to great architecture to garbage, so why not bad art? 

This exhibit was installed at KL&A Structural Engineering, Schurter's workplace.

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